DIY vs All-Inclusive Wedding Costs

Planning a wedding can be time consuming, stressful, and expensive. Some brides planning their weddings default to a DIY approach with the goal of saving money. Unfortunately, DIY weddings not only add a lot of stress and use up your precious time, but they oftentimes end up costing more money – and when we say more money, we mean a LOT more money!

Here is a detailed break down comparing the average costs of a DIY Wedding vs an All-Inclusive wedding (assuming a Saturday wedding with 100 people):

DIY Wedding Costs
As you can see, the total cost for an All-Inclusive wedding ends up being $4,000 less than a DIY wedding, not to mention saving you a ton of time and stress. We take care of all the setup, cleanup, vendor coordination, etc., so you can relax a little and know that you’re in good hands! This is what we do for a living, and we’re going to make sure everything is absolutely perfect for your big day!

Come See For Yourself!

Below are the Top 5 All-Inclusive venues in the Houston area, in no particular order. Each one offers something completely unique and a style for every kind of bride. Remember, how we mentioned that experience is important? All 5 of these have been in business for many years.

Ashelynn Manor
Silver Sycamore
Butler’s Courtyard
Moffitt Oaks
Heather’s Glen

Obviously, packages will vary between the 5 of us, but for the most part, we are all in the same price range. So, the next time you, or someone you know, “says oh we can do it all ourselves, it’ll be cheaper”, refer them to this blog and show them the cost breakdown!