DIY vs All-Inclusive Wedding Costs

It seems so exciting planning your wedding from scratch.  Every little detail that you’ve been seeing on Pinterest, Facebook and everywhere else.  It is really adorable, and you think it should be cheaper to do everything yourself, but in reality, it’s much more expensive, stressful and exhausting.

Compare the graph below showing the cost of some of the basic items you would have to research to find, vendors to meet with, and individuals to sign contracts with. We handle all that for you, for less money!  Allowing us to handle these details for you is like a one stop shop made easy, with huge dependability and peace of mind to boot.

There are still plenty of items that you can use your creativity with, being your dress, flowers, wedding favors and embellishing our décor.  We allow you to focus on the really important items, like pampering yourself and loved ones, and enjoying your special day to the fullest, worry and stress free.


DIY Wedding Costs

*Based on a Saturday Wedding for 100 Guest
If you are planning to have 200 people, then you could almost double many of the items above.  This doesn’t include all the time setting everything up, crafting centerpieces and all the cleanup afterwards that most venues don’t do for you. So, after your wedding, instead of focusing on your honeymoon, like you would here, you’ll be picking up and cleaning up.